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Dryer Duct Cleaning
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Drying clothes produces two main byproducts: hot air and lint. The hot air is vented outside, and the lint is supposed to be gathered in a trap to prevent pollution, but some lint gets through and gets caught in your ductwork. This lint gets dried, heated, and fluffed after every load, turning it into a perfect fire-starter, which is responsible for an average of 15,000 house fires annually.

These fires are fortunately uncommon when ductwork is properly installed. A clogged duct can triple drying time, prevent drying altogether, or even tear your ductwork, dumping lint under your house and into your walls, which provides a perfect home for rodents and pests. All of these issues can be prevented with a simple cleaning now and then, and Best Garage Doors and Air Duct has the tools and expertise to do it without any surprises.

Best Garage Doors and Air Duct has years of experience cleaning out dryer ducts. We are fast, efficient, inexpensive, very highly reviewed, and we can even give you an honest assessment of your dryer ductwork, to tell you how often you need your ducts serviced, so you aren’t wasting money on inefficient dry times, avoidable repairs, or overly frequent cleanings by unscrupulous service technicians.

Best Garage Doors and Air Duct offers both residential and commercial air duct cleaning, on any scale, from studio apartments and guest houses to industrial warehouses and commercial office parks. Our experience, training, and professionalism will make your next air duct cleaning a quick and painless way to provide your customers, guests, and loved ones with clean air.

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